Waste Water Treatment

Creative Biogene is devoted to offering economical wasterwater treatments which have applications in industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, agricultural wastewater, pollution control and environmental remediation. Our solutions based on natural microbes and enzymes are effective, sustainable and responsible without adverse impact to ecosystems. Wastewater treatment is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our Professional stuff provides a solution to meet wastewater system's unique needs by diagnosing the microbial population using advanced techniques. Creative Biogene provides optimum microbial solutions for municipal systems and a broad range of industries.

Waste water treatment

Wastewater is produced by human activity and has a direct significant influence on the natural environment. The increasing volumes of wastewater presents a genuine sanitary and environmental challenge. Bioremediation techniques, including the possible reuse of treated wastewater that are easily implementable can help to make the existing wastewater treatment plants far more effective. Effective microorganisms are various blends of common predominantly anaerobic microorganisms which could make sewage treatment processes faster, more effective and more cost efficient. Beneficial microorganisms could be widely applied to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus, suspended solids, all types of coliforms and drastically reduce sludge amounts. Effective microorganisms can be widely used to improve the quality of the water.

Waste water treatment

Figure 1. A review: driving factors and regulation strategies of microbial community structure and dynamics in wastewater treatment systems (Chen, et al. 2017)

Creative Biogene 's mission is to be an expert in the field of waste water treatment. Our waste water treatment solutions are custom designed to effectively and substantially degrade organic waste for a wide range of industries and municipal bodies. Our waste water treatment solutions can curb foul stench, reduce sludge volume and significantly lower COD and BOD levels in water. Trust our experience to solve all your demands. We look forward to working with you now and into the future. Contact us today for all your needs.

1. Chen, Y., Lan, S., Wang, L., Dong, S., Zhou, H., & Tan, Z., et al. (2017). A review: driving factors and regulation strategies of microbial community structure and dynamics in wastewater treatment systems. Chemosphere,174, 173.

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