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Creative Biogene is a leading company offering high-quality Virus-like particles expression service for our esteemed clients around the world across both academic institutions and biotech/pharmaceutical industries. With our strong technical force, unparalleled customized service and fast delivery time, Creative Biogene specializes in providing more cost-effective gene expression service to accelerate the global research in vaccine.

Virus-like particles (VLP), which composed of all or some of the proteins that form the viral capsid but lack genomic material, resembles the structures of viruses but cannot replicate in cells, precluding any possibility of reversion mutations or pathogenic infection. VLPs are unable to replicate in the recipient but stimulate the immune system through recognition of repetitive subunits, producing a high cellular and humoral immune responses. VLPs have antigenicity and immunogenicity similar to the native virion. Due to the advantages compared to other types of vaccines, VLPs have received much attention as vaccine candidates.

Fig.1 The application of virus-like particles as vaccines and biological vehicles (Yan, et al. 2015)

Contemporary Various types of expression system have been adopted for producing VLPs, including bacterial, yeast, insect and mammalian cells. The characteristics of the system influence the properties of the VLPs. Consequently, the expression system chosen for VLP production must take into consideration the requirements for protein folding and post-translational modifications, which can be essential in generating an optimal immune response.

The Advantages Of VLPS

• No need to propagate pathogenic
• Repetitive and ordered surface structures
• Multivalent as well as particulate in nature
• Safer than other vaccines because of non-infectious and non-replicating properties
• Stable in extreme environmental conditions, depending on VLP structure
• As carrier to express foreign antigen

The Application Of VLPS

• VLPs in Recombinant Viral Vaccines
• VLPs as Delivery Systems
• Generation of cVLPs by Genetic Linkage
• Generation of cVLPs by Chemical Attachment
• Cell Targeting
• Bioimaging

As a leader in gene expression service, Creative Biogene provides a "one-stop shop" tailored to your VLPs research needs. Creative Biogene has a proprietary technology platform and an international network to provide our clients with professional and comprehensive solutions and applications. Creative Biogene specialize in VLPs expression system. Our vision is to provide superior and affordable VLPs expression service to the academic and industrial scientific research communities.

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