Soil Bio-remediation

Creative Biogene is committed to developing bioremediation technologies as a method of soil remediation, which is an emerging approach to rehabilitating areas contaminated by pollutants or otherwise damaged. With extensive and successful experience in remediation of contaminated soil, Creative Biogene offers tailor-made soil bio-remedial solutions which is extremely effective and efficient. Creative Biogene’s experience and vertical integration allows us to have better control over the quality of our service and overall costs for our clients.

Soil Bio-remediation

Pollutants found in soils present a variety of threats to human, animal, or ecosystem health. Bioremediation offers a good cleanup strategy for soil pollution by restoring and rebuilding the ecosystem. To rehabilitate the polluted soils, bioremediation techniques using beneficial microorganisms are effective and could consume contaminants from soil. The process of bioremediation involves the reintroduction of new effective microbes in sufficient quantities or adjust environmental conditions to enhance degradation rates. Repopulating the beneficial microorganisms in the soil is the fastest and most effective way to remediate polluted soils. Creative Biogene does our bit to ensure we leave a better future for our children. Trust our experience to solve all your demands. We look forward to working with you now and into the future. Contact us today for all your needs.

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Creative Biogene is fully engaged in developing unique technologies that provide global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services to facilitate the investigation of microbial researches.


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