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Skin Microbiome Analysis

Skin, which is the largest organ of the body, forms a critical protective barrier between a mammal and its external environment. The human skin provides home to millions of bacteria, fungi and viruses, which play extremely important role to the skin health and protection against external infectious or toxic substances.

Gut Microbiome Analysis

Characterization of skin microbiota is essential for diagnosing skin conditions. Interacting symbionts and immunity in the skin predict disease risk and probiotic effectiveness. Skin microorganisms also produce compounds that influence host physiology. Investigation of the skin microbiome provides opportunity to understand the microbial involvement in human skin disorders and to enable novel promicrobial and antimicrobial therapeutic approaches for their treatment.

Microbiosci offers complete solutions to demonstrate the real efficacy of your product on the microbiome, which include but not limited to cosmetics, soaps, personal care products, antibiotics, probiotics or other interventions.

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