Recombinant Pharmaceutical Protein Production

Creative Biogene has long devoted itself to the R&D of technologies related to recombinant pharmaceutical proteins expression in E.coli or Yeast. We keep assisting our clients from scientific research institutes and pharmaceutical enterprises in offering optimized expression strains for fast and high yielding recombinant binding protein such as Growth Factors, Immune Checkpoints, Cytokines, Chemokines, Enzymes, Hormones, and more. Bacterial expression system as the preferred choice is widely used for large scale production of many recombinant proteins. It is important to select suitable heterologous system which plays a crucial role in producing therapeutic proteins. We can provide and will launch more zero-risk products for the benefit of you in both capital and time cost.

Recombinant pharmaceutical proteins have been widely used for therapeutic purposes, such as for hemophilia, diabetes, cancers, dwarfism etc. In a long term, stem cell therapy or genetic treatment might take the place of clinical application of recombinant Pharmaceutical proteins. However, recombinant Pharmaceutical proteins are still the main trend currently.

Recombinant Pharmaceutical Protein Production

Figure 1. Il-26: an emerging proinflammatory member of the il-10 cytokine family with multifaceted actions in antiviral, antimicrobial, and autoimmune responses (Stephenvictor, et al. 2016)

E. coli expression system is the most common bacterial expression systems because E. coli is easy to culture and maintain, grow extremely quickly. The bacteria are easily transfected using methods like heat shock. Unlike eukaryotes, bacteria are able to tolerate the drastic temperature change and survive the heat shocking process. However, eukaryotes may suffer acute permanent damage under extreme temperatures.

Recombinant Pharmaceutical Protein Customization Services
E.coli Expression System
Yeast Expression System
E.coli / Yeast Genome Editing

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• Recombinant Pharmaceutical Protein from Yeast

Based on the advanced technology and extensive experience in the field, Creative Biogene possesses optimized expression strains to produce GMP-level recombinant pharmaceutical proteins with high purity and low endotoxin. We are committed to providing the exceptional customer experience to maintain a long-term partnership with you.

1. Stephenvictor, E., Fickenscher, H., & Bayry, J. (2016). Il-26: an emerging proinflammatory member of the il-10 cytokine family with multifaceted actions in antiviral, antimicrobial, and autoimmune responses. Plos Pathogens, 12(6), e1005624.

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