Recombinant Pharmaceutical Protein from Yeast


Yeast cells have the ability to express large amounts of heterologous proteins and can attain a considerably high cell-density state. Additionally, heterologous proteins expressed in yeast can be subjected to post-translational modifications. This expression system for recombinant pharmaceutical proteins is a common alternative to prokaryotic and higher eukaryotic expression. Yeast cells offer many of the advantages of producing proteins in microbes (growth speed, easy genetic manipulation, low cost media) while offering some of the attributes of higher eukaryotic systems (post translational modifications, secretory expression). Strains have been described that increase yield of secreted proteins, improve the performance of certain affinity tags, reduce proteolysis, define the composition of N-glycans, and permit non-native amino acids into proteins.

Various yeast species have proven to be extremely useful for expression and analysis of eukaryotic proteins. These yeast strains have been genetically well characterized and are known to perform many posttranslational modifications. These single-celled eukaryotic organ-isms grow quickly in defined medium, are easier and less expensive to work with than insect or mammalian cells, and are easily adapted to fermentation. Yeast expression systems are ideally suited for large-scale production of recombinant eukaryotic proteins. Several important yeast protein expression systems exist in organisms from the genera Saccharomyces, Pichia, Kluyveromyces, Hansenula and Yarrowia. Creative Biogene,a division of Creative Biogene, has developed yeast expression strains that are optimized for the efficient production of heterologous proteins. We also have a few strong signal sequences to ensure the highest secretion level. Besides, a growing number of engineered yeast strains are also becoming available in Creative Biogene for protein expression.

The major advantages of yeast expression system are:
• High yield
• High productivity
• Chemically defined media
• Product processing similar to mammalian cells
• Stable production strains
• Durability
• Lower protein production cost

More specifically, yeast expression system in Creative Biogene has the following merits or strengths:
• Superior Expression
• High Cell Densities
• Controllable Process
• Mammalian-like Proteins
• Generations of Stability
• Durability
• Maximum Value

Creative Biogene’s custom production service offers choices of constitutive and inducible expressions with process optimization and scale up development, suitable for research projects at any stage or industry manufacture scale. If you have any Industrial production requirements or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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