Polyphasic Analysis

Creative Biogene is a leading company offering the high-quality microbial identification services. Polyphasic approach for bacterial classification such as DNA sequencing(16S/18S/ITS) integrated with fatty acid analysis become important tools in microbial systematics. Occasionally fatty acid analysis or DNA sequencing(16S/18S/ITS) can’t individually produce a definitive identification. With a combined genotypic, chemotaxonomic and phenotypic approach, polyphasic analysis provides you with the most thorough and reliable results. Consequently, polyphasic approach is currently the most appropriate approach used to identify microorganisms based on morphological and biochemical data supplemented within formation obtained from molecular techniques.

Polyphasic Analysis

Creative Biogene is the premier institution to provide professional and comprehensive polyphasic analysis for microbial identification. We have years of experience to meet your specific project needs in using the polyphasic analysis technology to add value to your research project.

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