Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Creative Biogene offers a full array of integrated solutions for pharmaceutical microbiology entirely dedicated to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our talented scientists with innovative technology platforms are committed to meeting the highest pharmaceutical industry requirements and ensuring the excellence and safety of your products. With innovative manual and automated technologies, Creative Biogene has become the partner of choice for pharmaceutical microbiology services which contains environmental monitoring, growth promotion testing, antimicrobial effectiveness testing, rapid microbial detection &sterility testing, etc. Creative Biogene offers our customers with the highest quality results in accordance with GLP standards to achieve your goals.

Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Microbes are a significant threat to sterility in pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, accurate identification of microbes is often regarded as a good manufacturing practice (GMP) requirement within the pharmaceutical industry. It is very important to ensure that the supply of drugs and vaccines are free from contamination of microorganisms. Creative Biogene understands patient safety is paramount and ensuring regulatory compliance is non-negotiable. Creative Biogene is committed to creating a trusting environment to develop lasting partnerships with you. You can depend on our product quality and expertise from environmental monitoring, microbial identification, sterility assurance testing and quality control testing.

Our solutions for the current Pharmaceutical Microbiology areas:
• Environmental Monitoring
• Growth Promotion Testing
• Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
• Media Challenge Testing
• Microbial Enumeration Testing
• Water Testing
• Rapid Microbial Detection & Sterility Testing
• Quantitative Quality Control Testing

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Creative Biogene is fully engaged in developing unique technologies that provide global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services to facilitate the investigation of microbial researches.


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Microbial Fermentation

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