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Besides the natural products, microorganisms have yielded some of the most important products of the pharmaceutical industry. Microbial secondary metabolites are now being used for applications other than antibiotics but also for antitumor drugs and immunosuppressant.

Fig. A. Penicillin produced by fungus Penicillium notatum has created a zone of growth inhibition of bacterium. Fig. B. Typical asexual sporing structures of a species of Penicillium


Natural products have served us well in combating infectious bacteria and fungi. Most antibiotics are either (1) natural product of microorganisms, (2) semi-synthetically produced from natural products, or (3) chemically synthesized based on the structure of the natural products. Antibiotics are produced by both fungi and bacteria but over 50% of them arc obtained from Streptomyces alone.

As the biosynthetic pathways for antibiotic production and their corresponding genes are better understood, it becomes possible to design newer antibiotics with more efficient action.

Genetic manipulations can be done in the antibiotic synthesizing organisms to ultimately produce totally new and novel antibiotics.

In addition, Creative Biogene is involved in the following antibiotic testing services.

In Vitro Activity

Creative Biogene help client to test whether your developing candidates have sufficient in vitro activity. Creative Biogene has the experience and knowledge to perform the initial screens and a variety of studies to characterize the spectrum of activity and potency of your compound compared to other existing therapeutic agents.

Antimicrobial Surveillance

With the collection of the clinical bacterial and fungal clinical isolates that have been forwarded from hospitals worldwide, Creative Biogene is able to test marketed as well as investigational compound. Collected data are used to monitor changes in resistance patterns and the effectiveness of the tested drugs to these organisms over time. Surveillance studies usually takes 12-15 months to complete the recruitment, collection, testing and reporting phases for the tens of thousands of isolates included in each program year.

Genetic and Molecular Studies

To understand the mechnisms behind the resistance phenotype, Creative Biogene is engaged in the research and develop the appropriate assays to find the answers needed to what is causing these resistant patterns, to determine the genetic relatedness of isolates from the same species or to understand the virulence factors in certain pathogens.

Creative Biogene offers Pharmaceutical Compounds microbial production services, which can accelerate your drug discovery program. It is our commitment to offer you high-quality data with fast turnaround time. Our experienced experts’ team along with our broad services portfolio makes it easier to meet the demands of different researchers.

Antitumor drugs

Besides antibiotics, microbial metabolites are among the most important of the cancer chemotherapeutic agents. This involves the use of attenuated bacterial strains and expressing foreign genes that encode the ability to convert non-toxic prodrugs to cytotoxic drugs. Novel strategies also include the use of bacterial products such as proteins, enzymes, immunotoxins and secondary metabolites, which specifically target cancer cells and cause tumor regression through growth inhibition, cell cycle arrest or apoptosis induction.


With the growing requests of the natural compounds in the drug development, a number of microbial compounds capable of suppressing the immune response have been discovered.

Cyclosporin, produced by the mold, Tolypocladium nivenum, inhibits lymphokine production and interleukin release and therefore leads to a reduced function of effector T cells.

Our platform:

• Synthesis gene analysis
• CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Genome Editing
• Homologous Recombination-Mediated Genome Editing
• Site-specific Recombination Mediated Genome Editing
• Pathway engineering
• Growth condition optimization
• Fermentation optimization

Creative Biogene offers the best services in the field of microbe screening and genome editing which help to add new functions or to optimize an existing bioprocess. With a lot of talent scientists and technicians, Creative Biogene has built an excellent and mature platform to modify a series of different microbes to satisfy our client requests in the drug related natural compound selection and production.

If you have any special requirements in pharmaceutical compounds microbial screening or engeneering, please feel free to contact us at . We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.

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