Oncolytic Probiotics Mediated Colorectal Cancer Treatment

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is considered the most lethal and prevalent malignancies in the world. Targeted therapies involve substances or drugs which can work on cancerous cells by directly inhibiting cell proliferation, differentiation, and migration and other vital cell cycle pathways. Targeted drugs might alter the tumor microenvironment to impede tumor growth and enact stronger immune surveillance and attack.

Pathways offering potential sites for targeted therapy

Fig.1 Pathways offering potential sites for targeted therapy

Targeted therapy is a new optional method that plays an important role of prolonging overall survival for CRC patients. Targeted therapies personalize the therapeutic regimen according to the molecular features of individual patients and tumors. Targeted therapy drugs which are generally available for colorectal cancer are listed below.

Target Types Agent Manufacturer Start Marketing Date
VEGFR  Zaltrap Sanofi 2011
VEGFR mAb Avastin Roche 2004
EGFR mAb Erbitux Lilly 2004
EGFR mAb Vectibix Amgen 2006
VEGFR2 mAb Cyramza Lilly 2014
VEGFR1, VEGFR2, VEGFR3,  PDGFR-β, Kit, RET, Raf-1 Small molecule Stivarga Bayer 2012
PDGF/VEGF Small molecule Sutent Pfizer 2006
BCR-ABL Small molecule Gleevec Novartis 2000

In the field of cancer treatment, it was viewed that the bacteria have the ability to deliver tumor-specific anticancer genes and the potential tumor-targeting antitumor capability. As a leader in oncolytic bacteria genome editing, Creative Biogene is dedicated to building efficient systems and procedures to meet the gene research needs and timelines of clients.

Workflow of microbial genome editing

• Resistance Test
• Designation of Homology Arms
• Construction of Editing Plasmid and Transfection
• Microbial Genome Editing
• Positive Clone Selection
• Identification of monoclonal strains by PCR and sequencing
• Amplification, cryopreservation, delivery

Our scientists have extensive experience with >100 distinct strains, including E. coli, SalmonellaStreptomyces, Clostridium, Bacillus subtilisSaccharomyces cerevisiae, filamentous fungi, and so on. Creative Biogene is specializing in oncolytic bacteria genome editing to help you research bacterial-mediated cancer therapy. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to let us know.

1. Xie, Y., Chen, Y. & Fang, J. Comprehensive review of targeted therapy for colorectal cancer. Sig Transduct Target Ther 5, 22 (2020).

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