Oncolytic Bacteria Genome Editing Service

Recently, state-of-art genetic engineering has increased the ability to alter oncolytic bacterial strains. Such alteration decreases bacteria side effects while increasing their therapeutic benefits for cancer. Our talented scientists would research closely with you to offer help in bacteria-based cancer therapy.

Oncolytic Bacteria Genome Editing Service

As a leader in oncolytic bacteria genome editing, Creative Biogene provides a "one-stop shop" tailored to your gene research needs. We have expertise in gene knockout, knock-in/replacement and site-directed mutagenesis. Creative Biogene is able to provide you the comprehensive oncolytic bacteria genome editing service, including traditional recombineering system, CRISPR/Cas 9 system and site-specific recombination system.

For research use only.

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Creative Biogene is fully engaged in developing unique technologies that provide global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services to facilitate the investigation of microbial researches.


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