Non-targeted metabolomics

Creative Biogene provide non-targeted metabolomics service. Our advance facility with talented scientists will offer unmatched expertise to assist you in non-targeted metabolomics analysis. Moreover, we can also provide a wide range of options to save the time and cost of your discovery programs.

The non-targeted metabolomics approach aims to study both known and unknown metabolites. All the detectable metabolites are identified for analyzing the overall metabolic characteristics and discovering metabolic mechanisms behind the phenomenon. The non-targeted metabolomics is a powerful tool for large-scale early phase diagnosis and discovery of new biomarkers. The non-targeted metabolomics analysis gives a rapid snapshot of the metabolic profile of samples by using technologies able to detect a wide number of metabolites (Smirnov et al., 2016).

Non-targeted metabolomics

Fig.1 Non-targeted Metabolomics (Sakda et al. 2017)

The methods of the non-targeted metabolomics tend to be less rigorously quantitative. This approach is therefore most effectively used for discovery applications, in which one discrete condition is compared against another to identify metabolites that change. One example is the comparison of metabolites in different medium cultured microorganisms.

Non-targeted metabolomics

Generally, there are five main steps followed in the non-targeted metabolomics approach:

• Biological sample selection
• Data acquisition
• Spectral processing
• Data analysis and metabolite identification
• Biological interpretation

Creative Biogene performs non-targeted metabolomics studies for partners across the pharmaceutical and academic research segments. This includes work across disease indications from in vitro models to clinical studies.

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