Mycobacterium Genome Editing Service

Creative Biogene is a leading biotechnology company offering the best Mycobacterium genome editing services. With years of experience and expertise in microbial genome editing, our talented scientists will work closely with you to provide any help in Mycobacterium genome editing services.

A significant amount of attention has been directed toward revealing immunomodulatory or virulence genes involved in pathogenesis. Genetic tools to engineer mycobacterial genomes, in a targeted or random fashion, have provided opportunities to the infection, pathogenesis and developing intervention strategies. Furthermore, it can aid identificating and validating potential drug targets for the diagnosis, engineering improved live‐attenuated vaccines and treatment of tuberculosis.

Targeted mutagenesis

The transformation efficiencies that can be reached using mycobacteriophage delivery far exceed those using electroporation. Transduction is an ideal approach to introduce recombinant DNA into the mycobacterial cell and then achieve gene knockout or replace. Plenty of genes have been knocked out using this method in many Mycobacterium species, such as M. bovis BCG substrains, virulent M. tb, and M. avium.

Mycobacterium Genome Editing Service

Fig.1. Workflow of Mycobacterium genome editing

The advantages in Creative Biogene:
• Fast turnaround time
• Scarless genome editing
• Multigene editing: can knock-out up to 5 genes simultaneously
• Easy selection: no selectable marker is required

Work flow
1. Construction of the recombinant cosmid containing allelic exchange substrates (AESs)
2. Construction of specialized transducing mycobacteriophages
3. Transduction
4. Selection/Screening
5. Validation

What we could help
• Gene disruption, deletion or insertion
• Reporter gene and tag integration
• Promoter fine tuning
• Introduction of point mutations
• Gene replacements
• Construct complementation strains

Target strain
Mycobacterium smegmatis
Mycobacterium bovis
Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Mycobacterium marinum

With years of experience in genome editing field, Creative Biogene could provide the most excellent service for Mycobacterium genome editing. Our talent experts are dedicated to edit your Mycobacterium genome with the greatest chance to succeed. Meanwhile, based on the commitment of prompt communication and on-time reporting, our staffs will ensure a high-efficiency service to meet the strict project timelines.

If you have any special requirements in our Mycobacterium genome editing service, please feel free to contact us at . We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.

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