Mycobacterium Gene Expression System

Mycobacterium Gene Expression SystemCreative Biogene is a leading company offering the best Mycobacterium gene expression service. Our talented scientists are professional and experienced in Mycobacterium research. They would research closely with you to assist with designing and optimizing your custom synthetic biology project.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the most important of the pathogen responsible for an overwhelming burden of disease. Identifying the various target genes involved in these processes is significant to understand the pathogenesis of tuberculosis. The better understanding of essential metabolic pathways from M. tuberculosis is helpful to the development of novel therapeutic and prophylactic strategies to combat TB.

Mycobacterium Gene Expression System

Fig.1. Role of PtpA, PtpB, and SapM for the infection cycle of Mycobacterium marinum in Dictyostelium discoideum.

pMV261 and pMV361 vectors both have an E. coli origin of replication, a kanamycin (Km) resistance gene and the hsp60 promoter. The difference is that pMV261 is a replicative vector containing the pAL5000 origin of replication and pMV361 is an integrative vector containing an attachment site and the origin of replication genes from mycobacteriophage L5.

Mycobacterium Gene Expression System

Fig.2. Extrachromosomal (pMV261) and integrative (pMV361) expression vectors

Work flow
1. Amplify or synthesize target genes
2. Construction of expression vectors (pMV261 & pMV361)
3. Transformation
4. Selection/Screening
5. Validation

What we could help
• Gene expression
• Fluorescent marker gene expression
• Construct complementation strains
• Genome editing

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