Microbial Therapeutics

Recent technological advances in next-generation sequencing technology have enabled elucidation of the pleiotropic effects of microorganisms on the human host. These beneficial associations make the microbiota an attractive avenue for natural or engineered cell-based therapeutics that can interface with the human body. For example, communities of bacteria could be assembled to counter pathogenic invasion. Or, subtractive technologies such as phages could be used to delete specific undesirable members of human-associated microbiota.

As a decade of research has solidified the importance of the microbiome on human health and disease, recent efforts have sought to capitalize on this interaction to create microbial therapeutics, which can be classified into three major paradigms: additive, subtractive or modulatory therapies. Additive therapy includes the supplementation of the host microbiota with either individual strains or a consortium of natural or engineered microorganisms. Subtractive therapy refers to the specific elimination of deleterious members of the microbiome to cure disease. And modulatory therapies involve administration of non-living agents, or prebiotics, to modulate the composition or activity of the endogenous microbiome.

Microbial Therapeutics Services at Creative Biogene

Creative Biogene offers a series of solution to facilitate the design and construction of engineered live microorganism targeting a range of human clinical application, or other fields of industrial use. With well-developed knowledge and experience, our team is able to devise and implement various systems approaches into targeted microorganism through the integration of synthetic biology tools and circuit design principles. By developing innovative platforms, Creative Biogene has worked with intensively with different Research and Development teams to provide products with desired increased functionality. Creative Biogene have developed solid experience to offer our customers with the highest quality results in accordance with GLP standards.

The human microbiota refers to the ecosystem of microorganisms living on or within the human body, and is increasingly being implicated as a regulator of health and disease. Genetically engineered commensal microbes can in principle allow for their use in the delivery of therapeutics in a targeted and controllable fashion. Creative Biogene has worked with different commensal bacterial strains, such as E. coli, B. longum, S. typhimurium and L. lactis, and be able to integrate a variety of approaches to devise live biotherapeutics that act in a systematic, precise, and robust manner. Based on our understanding of host biology and circuit designs evolves, Creative Biogene is committed to creating a trusting environment to develop lasting partnerships with you.

• Circuit Design;
• Pathway Engineering;
• Effector Protein Constitutive Expression;
• Culture and Isolation of Microorganisms.

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microbial therapeutics.

Figure 1 Approaches in microbiota-based therapeutics.
(Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 2016)

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