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Due to the structural complexity of most natural products, total chemical synthesis approaches are often inefficient and accompanied by large amounts of waste and heavy pollution. Therefore, engineering microbial to produce structurally complex natural products become a promising solution to protect our environment and prevent pollution from chemical synthesis. 

Owing to advances in functional genomics and genetic engineering technologies, microbial hosts can be engineered to overproduce a desired natural product, greatly accelerating the traditionally time-consuming strain improvement process. The field of metabolic engineering endeavors to create a green manufacturing industry based on microbial-production of commodity chemicals in Microbial cell factories. 

Streptomyces is often used for the production of antibiotics originally derived from Streptomyces species; Corynebacterium glutamicum is widely used for the high-titer production of amino acids; Yarrowia lipolytica is frequently employed when using lipids as a substrate. E. coli or S. cerevisiae is widely used in the natural compound production.

Strategies and techniques for non-model microorganism development

Fig.1 Strategies and techniques for non-model microorganism development.

The general steps for microorganism development is as follows:

• Construction of biosynthetic pathways by adopting heterologous or homologous genes from natural resources.
• Optimization of the metabolic fluxes by diverse genetic engineering strategies including enzyme engineering, balancing precursors or gene expression levels, overexpression or deletion of target genes, screening genes from different resources, and cofactor engineering.
• Productivity improvement.
• Engineered strains scale-up.

Creative Biogene is engaged in genetic engineering of natural product-producing microorganisms. With the expert in the microbial genome engineering and metabolic pathway analysis. Base strains producing natural compounds can be constructed by transplanting or adopting heterologous or homologous production pathways.

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