Microbial R&D Scale Fermentation Services

Creative Biogene possesses significant expertise and experience in microbial fermentation development and is dedicated to integrate world-wide resources for those who have demands for microbial factory manufacturing.

Fermentation is the process that engineered microorganisms produce large amounts of added-value intermediates or chemicals in a designed bioreactor. These products can be food supplements, pharmaceuticals, industrial platform compounds and others. Fermentation is a part of the upstream process and it occurs before recovery, purification, formulation, filling and packaging in the biomanufacturing workflow.

Microbial R&D Scale Fermentation Services

We have years of experience in fermentation process development and have abilities to outsource your fermentation project and save your time of research. Our services are aimed to provide clients fermentation services at the lab-scale and pilot scale level1 as well as upstream and downstream processing development for your R&D projects.

Microbial R&D Scale Fermentation Services

Upstream Processing Services

• Strain selection and optimization

Our talented scientists work with diverse microorganisms including E.coli, yeast, fungi, bacillus, filamentous bacteria and marine based bacteria. We have years of experience in strain genetic engineering and have the cutting-edge fermentation technologies used for clone selection and optimization.

• Fermentation process optimization

Before the large-scale fermentation, fermentation process optimization is one of the most crucial parts to achieve a high yield production and a relatively low cost. Our professional staffs have extensive strategies and techniques to optimize the culture condition such as the medium, temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen through classical optimization methods. These methods comprise statistical medium optimization, response surface methodology and other technologies.

Downstream Processing Development Services

Creative Biogene offers extensive downstream processing services including broth recovery, separation of biomass, cell disruption, purification, analytical and packaging services. The products can be biomass, chemical, small bioactive molecules. Coupled with our integrated technology, wide spectrum of development tools and advanced manufacturing systems, we can help you handle any downstream processing problems.

Scale Down and Scale Up Process Development

Creative Biogene has integrated technologies and facilities to offer scale down process development, such as high throughput bioreactors used for strain selection and process optimization2. Our lab-scale fermentation volume ranges from 0.5L to 100L and the conduction mimics the large-scale manufacturing as close as possible to meet customers' demands3.
• In the pilot-scale microbial fermentation development, we can take your products from microliters to metric tons in the 100L to 1,000L fermentation process. Our advantages of quality systems, coordinated project, change management and technology transfer experience enable us to help you scale up the microbial fermentations.

Microbial R&D Scale Fermentation Services

Types of products

• Cell pellets

With in-depth knowledge and good track records, Creative Biogene affords you the confidence to expect the high-quality microbial fermentation services for bacteria production. These bacteria products serve as important role in food, pharmaceutical, agriculture and chemical industry application.

• Proteins

We have extensive expertise and professional technology to provide customized microbial fermentation services for proteins manufacturing. These proteins comprise active pharmaceutical ingredients, monoclonal antibody, enzymes and peptides and we hope to discuss your compound production with you.

Different systems

• Conventional stainless steel systems
• Single-use fermenter systems

At Creative Biogene, the manufacturing process is operated through the four fermentation models, e.g. batch, fed-batch, open and continuous systems respectively. The fed-batch fermentation model is most common in industrial manufacturing. Creative Biogene' staff is trained in state-of-the-art microbial fermentation technologies. We would love to discuss your problem and how we'd approach a solution together.

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