Microbial Metabolomics

Microbial MetabolomicsCreative Biogene is a service provider of microbial metabolomics. With advanced instruments and state-of-the-art multivariate data analyses, metabolomics aims to identify biomarkers, elucidate mode-of-action, characterize products and processes. Creative Biogene´s LC-MS, GC-MS and NMR based metabolomics solutions perfectly match the demands for integrated metabolic profiling, sample throughput, compound identification, validation and quantification. With the aim of obtaining metabolome data representing the physiological status of a microorganism, well-verified protocols and analysis are essential1.Creative Biogene solutions for metabolomics are specifically tailored to your research purposes, coupling innovative hardware with versatility in data processing that allows to you achieve the specific answers you seek.

Microbial metabolomics is a very significant platform which present a better explain of microbial interactions and cellular functions by integrating biological information into systems microbiology. Consequently, microbial metabolomics constitutes an important component of systems biology. Microbial metabolomics is often regarded as the most direct method to making quantitative measurements that can be related to the physiological state of a microorganism. By researching the whole set of metabolites among a microorganism and monitoring the world outcome of interactions between its development processes and the environment, metabolomics can potentially provide a more accurate snap shot of the actual physiological state of the cell2. In summary metabolomics has become an integral part in microbial research. The investigation of the microbial physiology by methods of metabolomics has received increased attention in recent years.

an overview of the workflow adapted for the analytical method

Figure 1. an overview of the workflow adapted for the analytical method

Creative Biogene is dedicated to assist you in utilizing metabolomics for achieving your research goals. In order to drives research forward, Creative Biogene has designed a complete process from our initial consultation to production of the metabolomics data. The entire process is committed to empower your informed decision making so that you can move forward with confidence. We shall be very pleased to discuss your project and the potential to apply metabolomics with you.

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