Microbial Identification

Creative Biogene is a leading biotechnology company offering a suite of trusted services and solutions for identification, classification, quantitation and functional analysis of microbes in complex biological mixtures. Whether you are performing sequencing for discovery, characterization, or routine microbial identification, Creative Biogene technologies provide versatile approaches to meet your needs. Microbial identification methods include morphological observation, identification of physiological and biochemical characteristics, automatic analysis and identification of BIOLOG carbon source, molecular biology identification, numerical identification of API bacteria, functional analysis and functional gene, RAPD, SSCP, TLC thin layer chromatography, whole cell fatty acid analysis and identification, (G+C) mol% determination, DNA/DNA homology determination, etc. Our company specializes in microbial identification as well as custom sequencing project services with highly competitive prices and fast turnaround times. With talented stuffs and over years of experience, we can totally satisfy your project requirements and budgets in the exploration of microbial biodiversity.

Microbial Identification

Services Provided:

S/NItem NumberProject nameTurnaround timeRemarks/Scope of Application
1MI-BSeq0316S rDNA 3Bacteria
2MI-YSeq0326S rDNA  D1/D2  region3Yeast
3MI-FSeq055.8S rDNA  ITS  region5Small filamentous fungi
4MI-BSeq0716S rDNA 7Bacteria
5MI-YSeq0726S rDNA  D1/D2  region7Yeast
6MI-FSeq105.8S rDNA  ITS  region10Small filamentous fungi
7MI-IdentiSpecies level identification10Bacteria&Yeast
20Actinomycetes, molds
MI-BHGen01gyrA gene5Bacillus spp.
MI-BHGen02gyrB gene5Pseudomonas spp., Bacillus spp., Enterobacter spp., Klebsiella spp.
10 MI-BHGen03pheS gene5Lactobacillus spp., Enterococcus spp.
11 MI-BHGen04recN gene5Leuconostoc spp., Streptococcus spp.
12 MI-BHGen05rpoB gene5Staphylococcus spp.
13 MI-BHGen06trpB gene5Streptomyces spp.
14 MI-BHGen07atpD gene5Bifidobacterium spp.
15 MI-FHGen01β-tubulin gene5Aspergillus spp., Penicillium spp., Mucor spp.
16 MI-FHGen02calmodulin gene5Aspergillus spp.,  Penicillium spp.
17 MI-FHGen03EF1-α gene5Mucor spp., Rhizopus spp., Trichoderma spp.
18 MI-FHGen04Actin gene5Mucor spp., Rhizopus spp.
19 MI-BIOLOGBIOLOG7Automated identification system based on C source metabolism
20 MI-APIAPI 7Bacteria&Yeast
21 MI-BIOMPhysiology and Biochemistry10Bacteria&Yeast
22 MI-BIOMNPhysiology and biochemistry (new species, special species)30If it is a potential new species, refer to the new species publication test requirements
23 MI-SEMScanning Electron Microscope10Observation of morphological characteristics (shape, surface)
24 MI-TEM1Transmission electron microscopy (negative staining)10Observation of morphological characteristics (subsidiary structure)
25 MI-TEM2Transmission electron microscope (section)10Observation of morphological characteristics (internal)
26 MI-GC1(G+C)mol%10Tm value
27 MI-GC2(G+C)mol%15HPLC
28 MI-DDHDNA-DNA hybridization15Genomic DNA homology determination
29 MI-LipidFatty acid8Chemical analysis of bacteria and actinomycetes
30 MI-QuinUbiquinone/Menaquinone8
31 MI-PLipidPolar lipid8
32 MI-CWSChemical composition of cell wall (sugar)8
33 MI-CWAChemical composition of cell wall (amino acid)8
34 MI-RAPDRAPD15Strain typing, used for strain traceability, etc.
36 MI-RepPRep-PCR15
37 MI-EricPEric-PCR15
38 MI-BoxPBox-PCR15
39 MI-ARDRATypARDRA digestion10
40MI-RiboTypRibotyping ribosome typing15
41 MI-PFGEPulse field gel electrophoresis25
42MI-IsolationStrain separation and purification15Separation and purification of bacteria in mixed samples
43 MI-CountSpecific bacteria colony count15Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, Phosphobacteria, Nitrifying bacteria, Denitrifying bacteria
44 MI-GStabGenetic stability30Genetic stability test of production strains, etc.
45MI-EnzymeEnzyme activity determination10Protease/amylase/pectinase/phytase/cellulase/glucoamylase/catalase/dehydrogenase/urease, etc.
46 MI-BSusBacterial susceptibility15Agar diffusion method/MIC method/Etest
47MI-YSusYeast susceptibility15MIC/Etest
48 MI-FSusSmall filamentous fungus susceptibility15MIC
49 MI-BIOLOGECOEcological analysis of BIOLOG ECO board15Microbial flora analysis, used for non-cultivation microbial flora analysis of mixed samples of environment, water quality, traditional brewing industry, etc.
50 MI-DGGEDGGE sample preparation and testing30
51 DGGE running glue
52 DGGE gel cutting, purification, cloning, sequencing
53 DGGE result analysis
54 MI-16SLibSample preparation and testing30
55 16S rDNA cloning library construction
56 Clone screening and sequencing (200)
57 Result analysis
58 MI-MAnalyMicroorganism analysis (culture method)20Quality control of microbial fermentation products
59 MI-ContaminContaminated bacteria analysis (culture method)20
60 MI-PhagePhage test (negative)5
61 Phage test (positive)15
62 MI-FBrothPreparation of fermentation broth (30L)15/
63 MI-RTPCRStandard preparation and testing20Microbial quantitative analysis, used for relative quantitative/absolute quantitative analysis of food-borne pathogens, clinical, industrial and other microbial strains
64 Sample preparation and testing
65 Relative quantification (Taqman probe method/SYBR Green dye method)
66 Absolute quantification (Taqman probe method/SYBR Green dye method)
67Result analysis
68MI-CloClostridium botulinum detection7SNT 2525-2010 PCR detection method for Clostridium botulinum in food
69MI-virulenceStrain virulence40Suitable for safety evaluation of microbial strains
70MI-antigeneBacteria antibiotic resistance gene detection15
71 MI-antivirusEvaluation of antiviral ability of strains30Suitable for functional evaluation of microbial strains
72MI-MetaCMetabolite content determination10Acids, alcohols, ketones, etc., suitable for functional evaluation of microbial strains
73MI-FmorMorphological identification20Small filamentous fungi
74MI-LAMPLoop-mediated isothermal amplification10Rapid microbiological diagnosis
75MI-metagMetagenomic analysis50Miseq PE
76MI-wgenWhole Genome Sequencing60illumina Hisea2000
77MI-genoextraNucleic acid extraction10Efficient extraction of microbial genome/mRNA/total RNA
78MI-expBProtein expression and purification35Construction of high-efficiency expression system, optimization of start-up strength, optimization of plasmid copy number, optimization of expression conditions.
79MI-expYExpression and purification of yeast expression system35Construction of  eukaryotic expression system, including optimization of start-up intensity and optimization of expression conditions
80MI-antipreAntigen design and preparation60Excellent sequence of macromolecular antigens (above 10kD) and structure design of small molecule antigens. Antigen preparation services include the preparation of bacterial antigens such as macromolecules, small molecules, bacteria, and fungi.
81MI-antitagAntibody labeling20Biotin label/enzyme label/fluorescein label
82MI-antimTQualitative and semi-quantitative analysis of antigenic substances10Target antigen: protein/small molecule/bacteria/virus
83MI-proTQualitative and quantitative analysis of protein15/
84MI-TOF03MALDI-TOF MS rapid identification3Bacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi
85MI-TOF01MALDI-TOF MS rapid identification1Bacteria, yeasts, filamentous fungi

At Creative Biogene, with talented expert team and years of experience in this area, we ensure you efficient standard workflow, high-quality data. If you are interested in microbial identification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be very pleased to be of assistance in every way we can.

1. Váradi, Linda, Luo, J. L. , Hibbs, D. E. , Perry, J. D. , Anderson, R. J. , & Orenga, S. , et al. (2017). Methods for the detection and identification of pathogenic bacteria: past, present, and future. Chem. Soc. Rev., 10.1039.C6CS00693K.

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