Microbial Genome Editing Service

Creative Biogene is the premier global biotech company which has the capacity to specifically modify microbial genomes in an efficient and precise way. With talented staffs, advanced technologies and state-of-the-art facilities, Creative Biogene is able to provide you the comprehensive microbial genome editing service, including traditional recombineering system, CRISPR/Cas 9 system and site-specific recombination system. The goal of Creative Biogene is to provide you with a reliable and precise service to help move your experiment forward and save your time.

Microbial Genome Editing Service

Microorganisms are closely related with human life and health in many aspects, serving to ferment foods, decompose wastes, treat sewage, produce metabolites, fuel, enzymes and other bioactive compounds. Manipulation of genomic sequences facilitates the identification and characterization of key genetic determinants in the investigation of biological processes1. Microbial genome editing is an effective way to modify chromosome in way of deletion, insertion or replacement, which is one of the most significant techniques in metabolic engineering research2. Engineering metabolism for improved production of commercially valuable industrially relevant biofuels or biochemicals requires extensive modification of microbial genome to fully explore complex genetic spaces.

Creative Biogene has confidence in offering you with the affordable and reliable Genome Editing Service to accomplish your attractive projects. If you have any questions or requirements, please contact us.

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