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Microbial Fermentation Service

As a complete solutions and leader in microbial fermentation, Microbiosci provides the most advanced facilities, capabilities and expertise to accelerate the development, demonstration and commercialization of microbial technologies. Our world-class facility is equipped to work with a range of biosafety level one (BSL-1) expression systems. Microbiosci specializes in providing sophisticated downstream processing, formulation, fill/finish, and release testing services, including GMP. With our unparalleled experience, cutting-edge facilities, commitment to quality, innovative nature, and dedicated project management, Microbiosci helps your fermentation product reach its full potential whether for small-scale development projects or commercial-scale market leadership. Microbiosci's integrated fermentation and purification development, and analytical development teams work together to achieve program goals with the highest quality while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate a program's needs.

Microbial Fermentation Service

With the rapid development of genomics, metabolomics and proteomics, microbial fermentation offers tremendous potential to heal, feed, bio-agriculture and bio-energy. We, Microbiosci, have had extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of finished formulations and APIs for pharmaceutical products, pesticides, veterinary medicines and industrial enzymes by using microorganisms.

Microbial Fermentation Service Includes:
• Proteins
• Enzymes
• Secondary Metabolites
• Modified Peptides
• Antibodies
• Carbohydrates
• Biomass/Cultures
• Advanced Chemicals

Process of contracted development
• Production of target substance using microorganisms
• Productivity enhancement for the target substance
• Optimization of fermentation
• Contracted fermentation

Microbiosci's Fermentation Capabilities
• Fully instrumented fermentation suite
• Downstream processing and purification
• Production and laboratory-scale lyophilization
• In-process analytics
• End-product analytics, DNA or molecular testing
• Master cell banking services
• Industrialization from Feasibility to Commercial-scale
• Cleaning In Place & Sanitization In Place

Microbial Gene Expression System

With a dedicated staff of experts in the field, experience, and focus on flexibility, microbiosci serves our clients highly complex fermentation line from basic and detail engineering through construction and installation to commissioning. Serving as the anchor of the network, microbiosci provides a comprehensive microbial fermentation services to support research, process development, preclinical studies, and Phase I clinical trials. It's entirely customizable and flexible to fit customer's request for any process in the above process.

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Microbiosci, a division of Creative Biogene, is fully engaged in developing unique technologies that provide global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services to facilitate the investigation of microbial researches.


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Microbial Fermentation

• Microbial Fermentation Service

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