Microbial Cell Bank Characterization Services

Creative Biogene offers a variety of cell bank characterization services to test the identity, purity, and genetic stability of microbial cell banks. Services are offered at research grade, or under GLP or GMP regulations.

Microbial Cell Bank Characterization Services

With the rapid evolution of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics, the industrial application of microbial systems offers tremendous potential to heal, feed and fuel the world. Fermentation technologies use a broad spectrum of microbial hosts to produce a wide variety of biopharmaceuticals including interferon, hormones, cytokins, blood products, enzymes, and vaccines. As a premier research-assist institution, Creative Biogene has extensive experience in the characterization of microbial cell bank for pharmaceutical products, pesticides, veterinary medicines and industrial enzymes.

What we could help
• Yeast Cell Bank Characterization Service
E. coli Cell Bank Characterization Service

Characterization Testing Available
• Purity and Identification
• Bacteriophage Testing
• Viability Testing
• DNA Sequence Analysis
• RNA Sequence Analysis
• Copy Number Determination
• Restriction Endonuclease Analysis
• Retention of Selectable Marker
• Retention of Recombinant Construct

Advantages of Creative Biogene
• 50+ years of experience in microbial cell bank characterization
• Broad experience with different microbial cell types
• cGMP or non-cGMP
• Transparency

Creative Biogene provides a comprehensive suite of microbial cell bank characterization services to support research, process development, preclinical studies, and Phase I clinical trials. We can respond to customer’s request for any process in the microbial cell bank characterization process. It's entirely customizable and flexible to fit how you run projects. We will propose the best strategy for you.

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Creative Biogene is fully engaged in developing unique technologies that provide global scientists with high quality products and satisfactory services to facilitate the investigation of microbial researches.


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