Metabolic Enzymes

Cat.No. Product Name Inquiry
RPP158E.coli-Recombinant Human Esterase D (C-6His) Inquiry
RPP159E.coli-Recombinant Human Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphatase 1/FBPase 1 (E. coli, C-6His) Inquiry
RPP160E.coli-Recombinant Human Glutamate Oxaloacetate Transaminase 1/GOT1 (C-6His) Inquiry
RPP161E.coli-Recombinant Human Heme Oxygenase 1/HO-1 Inquiry
RPP162E.coli-Recombinant E. coli Methionine Aminopeptidase/MetAP/MAP (C-6His) Inquiry
RPP163E.coli-Recombinant Human Fructose-Bisphosphate Aldolase A/ALDOA (C-6His) Inquiry
RPP164E.coli-Recombinant Human Fumarase/FH Inquiry
RPP165E.coli-Recombinant Human Geranylgeranyl Pyrophosphate Synthase/GGPS1 (N-6His) Inquiry
RPP166E.coli-Recombinant Human L-Lactate Dehydrogenase A Chain/LDH-A/PIG19 (N-6His) Inquiry
RPP167E.coli-Recombinant Human L-Lactate Dehydrogenase B Chain/LDH-B (N-6His) Inquiry
RPP168E.coli-Recombinant Human Triosephosphate Isomerase/TIM (N-6His) Inquiry
RPP169E.coli-Recombinant Human UDP-Glucose 4-Epimerase/GALE (N-6His) Inquiry
RPP170E.coli-Recombinant Human Malate Dehydrogenase, Cytoplasmic/MDH1 (C-6His) Inquiry
RPP171E.coli-Recombinant Human L-Xylulose Reductase/DCXR (N-6His) Inquiry
RPP172E.coli-Recombinant Human HGPRT/HPRT1 (N-6His) Inquiry
RPP173E.coli-Recombinant Human Aldo-Keto Reductase 1C2/AKR1C2 Inquiry
RPP174E.coli-Recombinant Human Glutamine Synthetase/GLUL (C-6His) Inquiry
RPP175E.coli-Recombinant Human Superoxide Dismutase [Cu-Zn]/SOD1/Cu-Zn SOD (N-6His) Inquiry
RPP176E.coli-Recombinant Human Maleylacetoacetate Isomerase/MAA/GSTZ1 (C-6His) Inquiry
RPP177E.coli-Recombinant Human Galactokinase/GALK1 (C-6His) Inquiry
For research use only.

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