Growth factors

Cat.No. Product Name Inquiry
RPP079E.coli-Recombinant Human Epidermal Growth Factor/EGF Inquiry
RPP080E.coli-Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein 2/BMP-2 Inquiry
RPP081E.coli-Recombinant Human Stem Cell Factor/SCF/c-Kit Ligand Inquiry
RPP082E.coli-Recombinant Mouse Fibroblast Growth Factor 1/FGF-1/FGFa (Phe16-Asp155) Inquiry
RPP083E.coli-Recombinant Mouse Fibroblast Growth Factor 2/FGF-2/FGFb (Met1-Ser154) Inquiry
RPP084E.coli-Recombinant Human pro-Nerve Growth Factor/pro-NGF (Glu19-Ala241) Inquiry
RPP085E.coli-Recombinant Human β-Nerve Growth Factor/β-NGF (Ser122-Ala241, E. coli) Inquiry
RPP086E.coli-Recombinant Human Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor/BDNF Inquiry
RPP087E.coli-Recombinant Human Pro-Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor/pro-BDNF Inquiry
RPP088E.coli-Recombinant Human LR3 Insulin-Like Growth Factor I/LR3-IGF-1 (MG) Inquiry
RPP089E.coli-Recombinant Human Insulin-Like Growth Factor I/IGF-I/IGF1 (4-70) Inquiry
RPP090E.coli-Recombinant Human Insulin-Like Growth Factor I/IGF-I/IGF1 Inquiry
RPP091E.coli-Recombinant Human Fibroblast Growth Factor 2/FGF-2/FGFb (Gly132-Ser288) Inquiry
RPP092E.coli-Recombinant Human Fibroblast Growth Factor 1/FGF-1/FGFa (Phe16-Asp155) Inquiry
RPP093E.coli-Recombinant Human Transforming Growth Factor α/TGFα Inquiry
RPP094E.coli-Recombinant Human Fibroblast Growth Factor 9/FGF-9 Inquiry
RPP095E.coli-Recombinant Human Platelet-Derived Growth Factor BB/PDGF-BB Inquiry
RPP096E.coli-Recombinant Human Fibroblast Growth Factor 12/FGF-12 Inquiry
RPP097E.coli-Recombinant Human Fibroblast Growth Factor 21/FGF-21 (N-6His) Inquiry
RPP098E.coli-Recombinant Human Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor/GDNF Inquiry
For research use only.

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