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Germ-Free Mice

Germ-free mice lack all microorganisms (as determined within the limitations of the detection methods available) and are housed in tightly controlled and monitored isolators to prevent contamination. They are microbiologically sterile. Strict husbandry protocols and stringent testing regimens are required to maintain and confirm the germ-free state.

Germ-free mice are play crucial role in microbiome research to uncover the causal relationship between the microbiome and disease, and to determine the mechanistic basis through which microbes influence the host. Research into the role of microbiota in health and disease has increased during the past decade due to the development of genetically engineered mutant animal models.

Gut Microbiome Analysis

Microbiosci offers three key models (C57BL/6, BALB/c and Swiss-Webster) in typical study sizes. Please find the detail information below.

C57BL/6-germ-free mouse

C57BL/6, also called Black 6 or B6, is the most commonly used inbred strain. It is the preferred background strain for most genetically engineered mouse models.

B6 is a versatile mouse strain. It is the preferred strain for diet-induced obesity studies. It is used in a number of autoimmune disease models, including experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) and the collagen-induced arthritis (CIA) model. For oncology, B6 has been used in syngeneic tumor models. It is also used in addiction, behavior, toxicology and many other research areas.

The Taconic B6, C57BL/6NTac, is the substrain from which most B6 embryonic stem (ES) cells have been derived. The KOMP and MPC programs use C57BL/6NTac-derived ES cells.

Immunology: Th1-biased

BALB/c-germ-free mouse

BALB/c is a commonly used, general purpose inbred strain with good reproductive performance.

BALB/c is widely used for immunology studies. It displays good antibody production and is often used for vaccine studies and production of monoclonal antibodies. BALB/c is widely used for syngeneic tumor model studies as well as in asthma and allergy studies.

Immunology: Th2-biased


Swiss Webster is a general purpose outbred strain with excellent reproductive performance.

Extensively used for decades as an all-purpose stock for research and drug safety testing. Swiss Webster is also commonly used for gnotobiotic support. GF Swiss Webster mice are excellent embryo recipients or foster mothers.

For research use only.

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