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Food microbiology, as a branch of microbiology, mainly deals with microorganisms associated with food production and preservation. This discipline requires the studying of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and understanding of their general biological properties as well as food-related properties. Food microbiology integrates general microbiology, industrial microbiology, medical microbiology and agricultural microbiology applied in food industry. Meanwhile, it also requires the knowledge of biochemistry, mechanics and chemical engineering - including studying the activity of food-related microorganisms, utilizing beneficial microorganisms to make foods, and improving food safety through scientific testing procedures. With the rapid development of microbiology and life sciences, new knowledge and technologies can be applied in food microbiology, to bring us a better future with sufficient food supply, and to produce more nutritious and safer food.

Creative Biogene is a premier institution that has many years of experience in food microbiology to meet your needs from manufacturing to product testing. In order to address the issues of global food shortage and requirement for more nutritious and safer food supply, the services that we provide cover following areas:

Fermented food production: Produce fermented foods such as cheese, yogurt, bread, beer, and wine. Provide well-behaved strains as well as optimization of the factors that affect the fermentation processes. These factors may vary from biological, chemical to physical causes, which lead to positive or negative effects.

Edible microorganisms and probiotics: Edible fungi are popular food, and some other microorganisms such as edible Lactobacillus and yeast can be also used as nutritional supplements. With modern food microbiological technologies, the manufacturing processes can be upgraded for better quality and higher yields.

Metabolites: The metabolite that people acquire from microbial fermentation can be served as food, such as wine, vinegar, amino acid, organic acid, and vitamin. One extraordinary example would be that the production of amino acids by fermentation, which need to regulate the metabolism pathway to produce the required amino acids and the metabolites will be secreted afterward.

Enzymes: Microbial enzymes play a pivotal role in food manufacturing. They help to decompose certain components and turn them into tasty final products. Microbial enzymes are becoming more and more significant in food industries, in which case, it is necessary to study how to make microbes produce more enzymes to meet the needs for the conversion, such as pectinase for wine clarification and juice production, glucose-oxidase for egg white industry and oxidation prevention, etc.

◆ Storage and antiseptic methods: According to the characteristics of microbe and food, various methods could be taken for longer and safer preservation, such as salting, vinegar cure, drying, and low- or high-temperature treatment, to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms that contaminate food. By suitable methods, the process could be highly effective without losing the best flavor of food.

Food poisoning prevention: Food-induced diseases are mostly the result of consuming contaminated food with infectious bacteria entering and multiplying in the body (such as Enteritis, Cholera, etc.) or toxic produced by microorganisms (such as botulinum toxin, aflatoxin, etc.) interfering with normal body functions. The study and control of microbes which may lead to food poisoning is the top topic in the food industry.

Food microbial testing: Some microorganisms are pathogens, while others produce toxins. If people eat food containing large amounts of pathogenic bacteria or toxins, it can cause food poisoning and affect human health. In order to prevent microorganisms from harming humans' health through food, a complete series of testing procedures must be used to detect microorganisms and the toxins in food to ensure food safety.

Creative Biogene can assist you to perfect your food manufacturing process in multiple approaches. If there is any help that we can provide, do not hesitate to contact us!

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