Fermentation for Microbial Metabolites

Creative Biogene is highly experienced in numerous types of fermentation on microbial metabolites production and can help you draft your fermentation scale up plans and develop you own manufacturing process.

Fermentation Services for Biofuels

Microbes can transfer nutrients into the chemicals that can be applied as biofuels such as alcohols and biodiesel. Microbisci offers comprehensive biofuel fermentation services containing from feedstock selection to products recovery. Take the ethanol bioprocess for example and the schematic presentation of ethanol fermentation services in Creative Biogene is followed.

Fermentation for Microbial Metabolites

Ethanol is a primary metabolite which is essential for proper growth of microbes. It also serves as important platform chemical and can be used as solvent for dyes, oils, cosmetics, and laboratories. Production of ethanol is often achieved through yeast or bacterial fermentation.

Fermentation Services for Second Metabolites

Bacteria produce abundant second metabolites which have specific function on human health and these secondary metabolites can be antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs, various pigments and other useful substances.

Creative Biogene develop processes and manufacture cGMP or non-cGMP microbial secondary metabolites to meet customer's requirement. If you have any questions, tell us your problems and we are willing to provide solutions for you.

• Strain development
• Control of oxygen uptake rate (OUR)
• Tests of inoculum stability and productivity
• Keep aseptic during all the stages of the process
• Temperature

• Batch, fed-batch or continuous systems
• Downstream separation and purification technologies
• Process modeling and analysis for scale up
• Computational fluid dynamics
• Quality control

Fermentation Services for Amino Acids and Organic Acids

Fermentation services for amino acids and organic acids production are also available at Creative Biogene. Amino acids and organic acids are attractive and important biochemicals with wide industrial applications including food and animal additives industry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields. Even numerous efforts have been made to improve the fermentation process of these substances, there are still many problems remained to be addressed to increase productivity and reduction of the manufacturing costs1.

Creative Biogene provides considerate and coordinated fermentation services for amino acids and organic acids production. We have extensive experience in strain development, tests of inoculum stability and productivity, fermentation process development, quality control for cGMP manufacturing. Those who are concerned with productivity and cost will benefit from our capacity.


Microorganisms have the potentiality to produce abundant natural compounds which have broad spectrum of applications in nutrition, agriculture, biofuel, and healthcare industries. We have the capacity to offer you coordinated bioprocess to accomplish specific metabolites production with complete records and quality control operations. Contact Creative Biogene right now and we will be your reliable partner.

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1. D&#X;Este, M. , Alvarado-Morales, M. , & Angelidaki, I. . (2018). Amino acids production focusing on fermentation technologies – a review. Biotechnology Advances, 36( 1), 14-25.

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