E.coli Surface Display Service

In recent years, considerable momentum has been gained by surface display of heterologous proteins or polypeptides on the surface of bacteria. E. coli, being a gram-negative bacterium, possess two biological membranes that proteins need to span in order to reach the extracellular milieu. Nevertheless, E. coli is a more suitable microorganism owing to the apparent beneficial properties, such as fast and simple growth, high transformation efficiency, the stability of the cloned DNA, the availability of multiple well-validated protein expression and secretion systems.

E.coli Surface Display Service

Fig.1 E.coli Cell surface display

The chimeric protein of Lpp and OmpA is the most frequently used carrier for bacterial surface display in Escherichia coli, but arrays of other anchors or carriers have also been employed, including PhoE, OmpC, TraT, FhuA, or intimin. In addition, gram-negative bacteria also assemble complex structures at their surfaces, such as outer membrane lipoproteins, ice nucleation protein, flagella, pili or S-layers, all of which have been used for display. With rich experience, Creative Biogene could help you determine the best surface-anchoring motif according to the sizes of passengers.

A suitable anchoring protein needs to meet the following requirements:

• They must have a strong anchoring domain to ensure that exogenous proteins can be immobilized on the spore surface.
• They must be compatible with foreign proteins, be able to form fusion proteins, and should not be able to interact with each other.
• They must be resistant to protease hydrolysis.

E.coli Surface Display Service

Fig.2 Anchoring motifs of cell surface display systems in Gram-negative bacteria

The applications of bacterial display including but not limited to:

• Live vaccine development
• Antibody production
• Peptide library screening
• Environmental bioadsorbents
• Whole-cell biocatalysis

Advantages of Our Services

• We have many years of service experience in cell surface display.
• We have a world-class service platform.
• The price of Creative Biogene is very competitive in the industry and the price is favorable.
• One-stop service.
• Ensure efficient service, and urgent service can be provided.
• Periodic progress updates.

Assay Validation:

• SDS-PAGE Analysis
• Western Blot Analysis
• Enzyme assays
• Fluorescence assays
• Flow cytometry
• Immunofluorescence microscopy

Turnaround Time

In general, our turnaround time is 4-8 weeks depending on the size of your project.

Creative Biogene offers E.coli surface display service to present foreign proteins or peptides enabled by means of recombinant DNA technology. With the rich experience, our talented scientists advise appropriate construction strategy in various biotechnological applications. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.

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