E.coli Gene Expression System

Creative Biogene is a leading biotech company engaged in E.coli gene expression service for clients around the world across both academic institutions and biotech/pharmaceutical industries. Creative Biogene’s aim is to provide our clients the highest quality services yet with the precision, speed, value, and build strong partnerships. Creative Biogene specializes in the development of cutting-edge technologies in expression, production, and manufacturing of microbial enzymes.

Escherichia coli is considered as the cheapest, easiest and fastest host used for the production of microbial enzymes in bacteria and the availability of improved genetic tools/methods are making it more valuable than ever. However, E.coli has some intrinsic disadvantages, such as poor growth of the host, inclusion body (IB) formation, protein inactivity, and even not obtaining any protein at all. Our talented scientists have extensive experience to help you solve all your problems.

Fig.1 Structure of an expression vector: The figure illustrates the main features of an ideal expression vectors. (Singha,et al. 2017)

As a leader in gene expression service, Creative Biogene provides a "one-stop shop" tailored to your microbial enzymes research needs. Our services range from sequence optimization and synthesis, plasmid construction, induce, flexible scale microbial enzymes purification and characterization, post processing of purified protein et al. It's entirely customizable and flexible to fit how you run projects. Our vision is to provide superior and affordable E.coli gene expression service to the academic and industrial scientific research communities.

Workflow of E.coli Gene Expression Service

• Rapid Growth Rate
• Easy Scale-up
• Inexpensive Growth Media
• Easy Genetic Manipulation
• Simple Culture Conditions
• Easiest, Quickest&cheapest
• Simple&Well-understood genetics

Creative Biogene is the premier institution to provide professional and comprehensive microbial enzymes expression platform. We have years of experience to meet your specific project needs in using E.coli gene expression system to add value to your research project. Creative Biogene is dedicated to provide complete solutions for microbial enzymes expression. Simply let us know the gene to be expressed. We will propose the best strategy for you.

1. Singha, T. K., Gulati, P., Mohanty, A., Khasa, Y. P., Kapoor, R. K., & Kumar, S(2017). Efficient genetic approaches for improvement of plasmid based expression of recombinant protein in Escherichia coli : a review. Process Biochemistry, 55, 17-31.

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