E.coli cGMP Fermentation Services

As a common model strain, E.coli has received more and more attention due to its robust and cost-effective systems in the fermentation process. Creative Biogene focuses on the design, optimization, scale-up of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) grade fermentation using E.coli.

E.coli cGMP Fermentation Services

Why Choose E.coli?

E.coli is an ideal commercial fermentation host for several reasons. Firstly, the genetic background of this host is clearer than other expression strains. Annotated genomes and metabolic pathways are available on line. Secondly, developed and mature molecular tools make genetic manipulation of E.coli easy. Thirdly, it has a high growth rate and high-density cultivation capacity. Due to its short manufacturing times, a cost-effective production can be easily accomplished.

We Use E.coli to Produce…

cGMP Recombinant Proteins

With years of experience in developing recombinant protein fermentation, Creative Biogene partners with companies or research institutions interested in cGMP recombinant protein development and manufacturing. Our cGMP manufacturing facility and particular track records provide customers reliable, long-term, high-quality commercial manufacturing of recombinant proteins.

E.coli cGMP Fermentation Services

cGMP Plasmids DNA

Working in close contact with customers, Creative Biogene is dedicated to provide cGMP plasmids DNA used in pharmaceutical fields. We produce cGMP-grade plasmids DNA comprising DNA vaccines, mRNA, viral vectors, cell and gene therapeutic DNA using E.coli expression systems. Our strong track back records support clients with regulatory-compliant documentation and you will benefit from our one-stop shop plasmids DNA manufacturing services.

Capabilities and Services in Creative Biogene

• cGMP-grade recombinant protein and plasmids DNA production at any scale based on your plasmid or construct
• Tech transfer of your fermentation process into our facility to increase your capacity
• Superior quality control testing to meet FDA regulatory requirements
• High-yield E.coli hosts and high cell density cultivation
• cGMP cell banking
• A full site of process development and manufacturing capabilities for upstream and downstream process

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