Cosmetic Microbiology

Cosmetic Microbiology

The vastness of today’s cosmetics and toiletries industry clearly indicates a widespread and basic need for cosmetics. Cosmetics are special products that are as varied as foods but without the practical limits of controlled shelf lives. Their manufacturing processes overlap with drugs but in many ways but without the near-sterile manufacturing systems enjoyed by that category of product. Cosmetic microbiology is also a unique science and practice. Unlike food or pharmaceutical microbiology, cosmetic microbiology is not supported by many established academic programs or major publications. Rather it is empirical - learned through experience with principles and practices rarely documented in the literature.

The two main focuses of cosmetic microbiology are cosmetic microbiology testing and preservation of cosmetics. The 21st century finds cosmetic microbiology on the verge of a sea change in its practices, cosmetic microbiology has begun to apply many technical and scientific advances including the techniques of molecular biology to products. New rapid methods make it possible to reduce the time of testing microbes contained in the products from 5 days required for the conventional agar culture plate confirmation of product microbial burden to less than 48 hours. On the other hand, preservative testing, with normally a duration of 28 days, can become much faster and efficacious based on the application of modified luminescent challenge bacteria, and can eventually throw light upon more profound insight into the role of preservation itself.

Some recent researches concerned with cosmetic microbiology turned their focus on skin microbiology. The progress continues as the tools of modern molecular biology, revealing a perspective of cosmetic microbiology that has seldom been reckoned before. Like gut microbiome, the skin is a home for transient, or short-term, and resident, or long-term microbiota. The cosmetic use and other factors can influence skin microbiome composition, which is an extraordinary point of view to study how cosmetics influencing skin condition, as well as an approach to assess the safety and effect of a certain cosmetic. And it is even more exciting that microbiome bacteria could also be utilized as components of cosmetics, because of the benefits that a healthy microbiome can provide to the skin, which leads to a novel skincare approach.

Creative Biogene, with a bunch of experienced scientists, can provide instructions and services covered all the disciplinary aspects of all the challenges that you might come across in the manufacturing process. With expertise in manufacturing hygiene and preservation, as well as the profound knowledge in the skin microbiome, we can add value to your program to the utmost. We have also expanded the assistance service to deal with regulatory affairs in a global perspective and cover current safety concerns for preservatives consistent with the most recent data, which can be critical to providing consumers with microbiologically safe products. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

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