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Creative Biogene is an excellent business partner to provide a wide range of testing services for cosmetics and other personal care products in a cost-effective and quick manner. Creative Biogene's staff is experienced, talented, friendly, and well versed in FDA rules and regulations as well as current test methods to make sure that your products are free of objectionable microorganisms. Cosmetic microbiological testing is a significant aspect of cosmetic product safety. Depend on the requirements of the Cosmetics Regulation, Creative Biogene provides easy, affordable, and precise testing to help clients reduce microbiological risks associated with cosmetic and personal care products.

Contamination of cosmetic products with microorganisms is a common problem in some of the ways, such as: contaminated raw materials, poor manufacturing conditions, an ineffective preservative system, poor shipping or storage conditions and consumer's unclean hands. Microorganisms in cosmetics products may cause a serious health risk. Consequently, it is necessary for cosmetic formulators and manufacturers to determine whether their product may represent a risk to consumers. To ensure the quality and integrity of cosmetic products, and therefore compliance with the Cosmetic Act, all companies should do regular cosmetic microbiology testing.

Figure 1. Safe usage of cosmetics in bangladesh: a quality perspective based on microbiological attributes (Noor, et al. 2015)

Creative Biogene specializes in the microbiological testing of cosmetic and personal care products. The cosmetic product testing services we offer is as follows:
• Bacterial Aerobic Plate Counts
• Fungal Aerobic Plate Counts
• Challenge Testing or Preservative Efficacy Testing
• Stability and Shelf Life Testing
• Non-Animal Safety/Toxicity testing
• Microbial Identification
• Custom Testing

Total Microorganisms Test:
• Pseudomonas aeruginosa
• E. coli
• Salmonella
• Serratia
• Enterobacter
• Klebsiella pneumoniae
• Staphylococcus (cocci)
• Streptococcus (cocci)
• Enterococcus ((diplococci)
• Bacillus (rod-shaped)
• Clostridium (rod-shaped)
• Listeria (bacilli/rods)
• Yeast and mould
• Candida albicans
• Aspergillus niger
• Others

Our experienced staff is ready to assist companies determine the appropriate and best cost-effective cosmetic testing for your needs. Creative Biogene offers valuable profits to quality assurance personnel by decreasing false alarms and working hand-in-hand to quickly solve manufacturing problems. Contact us for more information regarding microbial contamination of products and the test methods listed above.

1. Noor, R., Zerin, N., Das, K. K., & Nitu, L. N. (2015). Safe usage of cosmetics in bangladesh: a quality perspective based on microbiological attributes. Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki, 22(1), 10.

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