Corynebacterium Gene Expression System

Creative Biogene is a leading company offering high-quality Corynebacterium gene expression service for our esteemed clients around the world across both academic institutions and biotech/pharmaceutical industries. With our strong technical force, unparalleled customized service and fast delivery time, Creative Biogene specializes in providing more cost-effective gene expression service to accelerate the global research in microbial enzymes.

Corynebacterium, which has been for long an industrial producer of various amino acids, nucleic acids, and vitamins, is now also considered as a potential host for the secretory production of microbial enzymes. These bacteria are non-pathogenic and additionally low in proteolytic activity. Furthermore, Corynebacterium does not produce endotoxins, which gives this strain strong potential for expressing microbial enzymes. Corynebacterium also has the ability to secrete properly folded and functional protein into the culture, which can improve subsequent purification efficiency. However, some problems could be found down the pipeline, e.g. much lower transformation efficiency and only a few expression vectors being available. Our talented scientists have extensive experience to help you address these issues.1

Fig.1 Process diagram of recombinant protein expression using C. glutamicum as host (Liu, et al. 2015)

As a leader in gene expression service, Creative Biogene provides a "one-stop shop" tailored to your microbial enzymes research needs. Our services range from sequence optimization and synthesis, plasmid construction, induce, flexible scale microbial enzymes purification and characterization, post processing of purified protein et al. It's entirely customizable and flexible to fit how you run projects. Our vision is to provide superior and affordable Corynebacterium gene expression service to the academic and industrial scientific research communities.

Workflow of Corynebacterium gene expression service services

Advantages of Corynebacterium gene expression service

• Non-pathogenic;
• Not producing endotoxins;
• Minimal protease activities;
• Secreting properly folded and functional protein to the culture

As state-of-the-art microbial enzymes solutions provider, Creative Biogene has a proprietary technology platform and an international network to provide our clients with professional and comprehensive solutions and applications. Creative Biogene specialize in Corynebacterium gene expression system. Simply let us know the gene to be expressed. We will propose the best strategy tailored to your requirements.

1. Liu, X., Yang, Y., Zhang, Y., et al. (2015). Expression of Recombinant Protein Using Corynebacterium Glutamicum: Progress, Challenges and Applications. Critical Reviews in Biotechnology, 36(4), 652–664.

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