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Microbiosci is dedicated to enhancing research and development of highly effective microbial consortia to increase agricultural productivity and yields in an ecological and sustainable way. Microbiosci provides a more complete solution which harnesses the power of nature and biotechnology to restore and nurture soil microbiology. Bio-fertilizer and bio-pesticides are key targets in our pipeline. The natural beneficial teams of microbes have a pivotal role in securing nutrients and even helping to fend off pests. Our agricultural microbial products improve the efficiency of applied nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorous, potassium and sulfur and help create disease suppressive soils. Microbiosci's technologies shown exceptional increases in vitality and productivity in varieties of key, high-value crops.

It has been a global issue that Many activities in modern agriculture disturb soil microbial biomass, diversity and altered community structure resulting in increased disease and reduced nutrient uptake. Soil microbes play a significant role in healthy soils and disease suppression. Healthy soils have strong levels of diverse, active microbe populations. Agricultural microbial products are designed mainly to improve the fertility of soil, reduce the extensive use of chemicals and improve plant productivity and yield. A healthy beneficial microbe population allows nutrients to remain available to plants for longer, and reduces the incidence and severity of disease.

Figure 1. Soil fertility challenges and biofertiliser as a viable alternative for increasing smallholder farmer crop productivity in sub-saharan africa (Raimi, et al. 2017)

Microbiosci provides chemical-free, problem-solving options for any grower seeking increased sustainability and reduced input costs. Whether it’s controlling the insects, pest disease or simply increasing productivity, Microbiosci's technologies will help you to maximizing farm productivity and profits. If you have any requirements or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1. Raimi, A., Adeleke, R., & Roopnarain, A. (2017). Soil fertility challenges and biofertiliser as a viable alternative for increasing smallholder farmer crop productivity in sub-saharan africa. Cogent Food & Agriculture, 3(1).

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