Clinical Microbiology

Creative Biogene offers a full array of integrated solutions for clinical microbiology entirely dedicated to the clinical and biotechnology industries. With innovative manual and automated technologies, Creative Biogene has become the partner of choice for clinical microbiology services which contains antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST), microbial isolation and screening, as well as clinical microbial identification. Our talented scientists with innovative technology platforms are committed to accurately and quickly diagnosing infections. Furthermore, Creative Biogene offers a wide range of media and clinical diagnostic products for routine clinical microbiology laboratories.

Clinical Microbiology

Figure 1. Implementation of rapid molecular infectious disease diagnostics: the role of diagnostic and antimicrobial stewardship (Messacar, et al. 2017)

At Creative Biogene, we try to provide a solution to meet your unique needs and see things from your perspective. Creative Biogene understands your challenges and imagines. We provide our clients not only products & services to solve specific issues but also think of integrated solutions. Creative Biogene is committed to creating a trusting environment to develop lasting partnerships with you.

Our solutions for the current Clinical Microbiology areas:

Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) & Resistance Detection
Results of AST are essential to guide the selection of patient therapy and facilitate effective treatment. Our AST methods contain disk diffusion test, minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) test and automated technologies. Creative Biogene satisfies your unique requirement to preserve antibiotics and targeted therapy.
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Clinical Microbial Identification
Creative Biogene provides a series of clinical microbial identification solutions which is simple, accurate, rapid and reliable to identify bacteria, fungi for correct and timely disease diagnosis, and appropriate treatment. Our identification methods contain biochemical, immunological and automated technologies to satisfy your unique requirement.
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Clinical Microbiology Quality Control
It is essential to make sure that your result is reliable and accurate in the clinical microbial quality control. With rich experience and expertise, Creative Biogene takes your clinical microbiological quality control to a new level of confidence.
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1. Messacar, K., Parker, S. K., Todd, J. K., & Dominguez, S. R. (2017). Implementation of rapid molecular infectious disease diagnostics: the role of diagnostic and antimicrobial stewardship. Journal of Clinical Microbiology, 55(3), 715.

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