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Compared to the conventional fossil fuels, biofuels are favorable choice of fuel consumption due to their renewability, biodegradability and generating acceptable quality exhaust gases.

The use of versatile microorganisms to generate renewable energy fuels from the biomass and biological wastes can diminish environmental problems that caused by the fossil fuels to a large extent. The interest in the production of various biofuels using microorganisms has been steadily increasing in the recent years, particularly because of the metabolic diversity of different microorganisms that enables the production of biofuels from various substrates and the development of the genetic engineering techniques.

Fig 1. An overview of microbial metabolic pathways for biofuel production.

The different microorganisms exhibit specific metabolic pathway and different types of catalytic enzymes for biofuel production. Metabolic engineering of such pathways could be fruitful in increasing the productivity of biofuels. The special pathways can be expressed in other microbes through genetic engineering techniques for biofuel production. The genetic engineering approach is beneficial to engineer microbes for exploiting various substrates for biofuel production.

Our platform:

• Synthesis gene analysis
• CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Genome Editing
• Homologous Recombination-Mediated Genome Editing
• Site-specific Recombination Mediated Genome Editing
• Pathway engineering
• Growth condition optimization
• Fermentation optimization

With years of professional and abundant experience in microbial metabolic engineering field, Creative Biogene can provide you a serial service in biofuel microorganism screening and engineering.

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