Creative Biogene is a premier biotech company which provides indigenous solutions in the realms of aquaculture. Creative Biogene’s aquaculture treatment products are specifically designed for each intended application to work out shrimp farming problems all over the globe. The very great success of aquaculture treatment products is due to our powerful and effective microorganism formulations. With extensive knowledge and technical expertise, Creative Biogene offers our customers with the latest, most cost-effective technology available. Backed by decades of experience and high-quality products, Creative Biogene's aquaculture treatment products have become the gold standard for aquaculture farms throughout the world.

Aquaculture industry is growing at full blast recently. The main reason of major outbreaks of viral, bacterial and fungal infections is the poor environmental conditions in the ponds. Probiotic is the better solution than antibiotic to control the spread of infectious diseases without harming the aquatic organisms. Microbial aquaculture has a significant advantage that natural microbes don't cause any damage to aquatic product and the environment. Consequently, Microbial aquaculture can solve many major problems faced by aquaculture farmers. Probiotics are getting more attention because it plays a significant role in improving aquaculture outputs and pond water parameters sustainably. These beneficial microbes can enhance water and bottom soil quality, improve the production and increase profits of farmers.

Figure 1. Streptomyces bacteria as potential probiotics in aquaculture (Tan, et al. 2016)

Probiotic is a new trend to improve the water conditions directly impacting the survival and production of shrimps and fishes in aquaculture. Creative Biogene offers various types of microbial products for water sanctification, pathogen killer, probiotic, food supplement, and ammonia remover. Contact Creative Biogene today to obtain the finest aquaculture treatment products on the market.

1. Tan, L. T., Chan, K. G., Lee, L. H., & Goh, B. H. (2016). Streptomyces bacteria as potential probiotics in aquaculture. Front Microbiol, 7(202), 79.

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